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Cherry Picking is a from-scratch theater-happening built every year from the ground up by a group of dedicated, fun-loving, passionate audiences, actors, writers, and producers. We live for new work, creative risk and prosecco. We are the cherry on your summer sundae.

Now Presenting...

Cherry Picking 2017:


Featuring New Plays By

Tracey Barrow-Schoenblatt, David Caudle, Andy Cooper-Leary,
Ryan Drake, Vince Gatton, Megan Hart, Babe Howard, 
Kara Cutruzzula, John James Loonam, John P. Loonam, Erin Mallon, Dhari Noel, and Laura Winters.





Cherry Picking is an annual opportunity for writers, both established and burgeoning, to create new material for performance in one night of staged reading.



Each year, a group of producers gathers and develops the theme for Cherry Picking. This annual meeting allows the creative team to examine issues that are somehow charged. This may be a hot topic politically, a fascinating sociological phenomenon, a nagging question, a captivating image, and so on.

A “Call for Submissions” is distributed and writers are invited to tackle the challenge of writing a short play based on the given theme or assignment. Initially, each submission remains anonymous. The submissions are read by a committee whose members choose the line-up for that year’s event. The bravery, wisdom, and candor of our writers is unparalleled. They willingly take on the challenge, fly in the face of fear, and the results are consistently inspiring, regardless of whether or not their work is heard onstage.



Originally developed in 1998, Cherry Picking was established to provide a forum and an audience for both new writers cutting their teeth on the challenge of dramatic writing and visual artists who wanted the opportunity to have their work exhibited. In its first two years of inception, we asked writers to submit work they were in the process of writing or had already written. This was a wonderful way for their work to be heard, however we also discovered showcasing pieces of widely varying lengths, themes, and development a somewhat disjointed evening for the audience. In addition, established writers were looking for the same chance to access a no-pressure forum of development.

Things must evolve. And so they did. In our third year, Cherry Picking found its true form. Embracing our mission statement of fostering creativity, we asked each participating artist to create something entirely new strictly for the purpose of Cherry Picking and opened the event up to writers in all stages of their careers.



Cherry Picking gratefully acknowledge all the pickers past.  the following folks have touched this event with their talent onstage, on the page, on paper, wood, walls and screens, in print and out loud.


pat adler  

alan altshuler

anya bailey

brian bartels   

anna baryshnikov  

paul bastin  

lily bellow  

andrew bergman  

teddy bergman  

miguel belmonte  

jeremy blackman  

robin bloodworth

rebecca bossen  

betsey brown

shira cahn-lipman  

wanda caine  

will conard

julia cardillo

richard cavan  

christina chang

jeff charlton  

katherine clark gray  

steven cole hughes

andy cooper-leary

samantha corbin  

jeff cote  

jenifer cote

phillippa crowne  

nick dantos  

mark deklin

anna demenkoff

tom demenkoff

margit detweiler  

ryan dieringer

adrianna dufay  

chris duffy

bixby elliot  

emily epstein

peter falls

carrie fellens  

emmie finckel

marjorie fitzsimmons  

alissa ford

tamara fox

david fraioli  

justin fromm  

maura furfey maciel  

vince gatton  

isi geller  

nadine george  

christopher gladysz  

brian glazer  

fern glazer  

nicole golden  

phoebe gonzalez  

rob goodmanson  

laura gourdine

brad griffith  

gena grochowski  

antonio gueudinot  

matt hahn

morgan hallett  

erica hager

caroline hay  

megan hart

kate hendrickson

sasha hixson

john holley  

patrick heupel  

babe howard

laura hutchins  

jiffy iuen  

david johnston  

kevin jones  

jen joplin

ben jurney  

daniel kaufamn  

lawrence keller

holly kinnaird  

jacob koffler  

kendra kohrt  

david koteles   

tom kiesche  

ericka kreutz

jon lambert  

linda leseman

suzanne levinson  

nick levitan  

jason liebman  

john p. loonam  

andrea macassey  

naomi major  

erin mallon  

derek manson  

deb margolin  

kendra mastain

chris matthews   

annie mcadams  

noreen mcallister-bifulco  

margo mckee  

nina mehta

jason meyer

joan minieri  

michael morse  

anne mottola  

clare mottola

maria mottola  

john james mottola loonam  

robert moulthrop   

caitlin muelder

samantha mueller

brian nelson

dhari noel

chris noke  

william j. norman  

chris o’conner  

greg owens  

cameron page  

jacob paul  

riley paul

glenn peters  

john pieza

julie pintak   

johanna pinzler  

jakeem powell

mac premo  

charlotte rahn-lee

palma repole  

tamara reynolds  

phil ridarelli  

todd rosenberg  

dana rossi  

greg salata  

justine salata  

felicia santiago

julia schaffer  

hannah schwadron

ed schmidt  

jen sellers  

sheldon silver  

truly siskind-weiss  

mark stehle  

beth stephenson

lilly sterenberg

eileen stevens  

ally stevenson  

mary ann stewart  

mark stracke  

meghan strange  

adam szymkowicz

jeff talbott  

emily tarpey

noah tattelman parnes

chris tomaino  

victoria tralongo  

carrie van hise  

chris van strander

jamie vann

dan viola

nicole watson  

robert weinstein   

hannah wilke  

jim wisnieski  

jeffrey woodard  

rae c. wright  

zach youngerman  

constance zaytoun  

aaron zimmerman