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Cherry Picking 17: The Hive Mind (Night 2)

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Pre-Show Libations and Celebration/Cash Bar 6:00 PM
General Admission Seating Begins 6:30 PM
Performances 7:00 PM

Rescue at Sea by David Caudle

Fertile Requiem by Andy Cooper-Leary

Excuse Me, Mr. Brantley by Kara Cutruzzula

All Day to Throw by Tracey Barrow-Schoenblat

I'm Gonna Brunch Until I Die by Ryan Drake

Ant Season by John P. Loonam

All About My Brand by JJ Loonam

Red and White by Meghan Hart

Featuring: Connie Zaytoun, Kevin Jones, Vince Gatton, Chris Tomaino, Lily Bellow, Will Conard, Johanna Pinzler, Betsey Brown, Emily Epstein, Dana Levinson, Steve Jones, Erica Hager, Nina Mehta, Victoria Tralongo, Marki Michelle, Nicole Golden, Tamara Reynolds, Babe Howard, Dhari Noel, JJ Loonam, Eileen Stevens, Hannah Beck, Martha Epstein, Joseph Varca, and Robbie Weinstein.