Feels Like the First Time

It feels like the first time.


It may sound nice coming off the lips of Foreigner’s lead singer, but on paper this platitude makes close to no sense. Who’s first time? Doing what? How could a general sentiment (assuming that’s what “it” is meant to signify) be construed to feel like someone’s first time doing something?

Hi. We are Gideon Howard and Truly Siskind-Weiss, and at least one of us is not as pretentious as that paragraph makes us out to be.

As newly minted high school graduates, we arent authorities on much, but we know plenty about first times (not that kind, you degenerates, get your minds out of the gutter). The awkwardness, joy, and confusion that go into experiencing something new have underscored the past seven years of our lives. So who better to hijack Cherrypicking’s blog this summer as its writers prepare pieces about the very concept of first times than two fresh-faced, wide-eyed adolescents?

All kidding aside, we hope this space will turn out as a fitting companion to the work of the writers themselves. For the next ten weeks, we’ll be hitting this beautiful city’s inconsistently paved streets to ask its general populace about their many firsts. Our goal? Answering the question we so naively put out there in the first place: 

What in tarnation does a First Time feel like?!?

Talk soon,

Gideon & Truly

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