Robby Weinstein dreams of a world where no one responds to Donald Trump's tweets.

How hung over were you on November 9th? 

On a scale from 1 to 10?  637.

Pussy bow or bare arms?

I don't know what either of those means and choose to remain ignorant.

If DT wrote a play for CP, what would it be called?

Winner! The Donald Trump Story in 72 Parts (Forget the 10-minute Time Limit, Nasty Cherry Pickers.  Nobody Cares!  I Won The Electoral College Bigly.  I Won. Won! Nobody Cares About Your Time Limit!) #Winner! #NastyCP#FreeMelania

Fight back in 140 characters or less...If you knew DT would see your tweet.

I honestly can't think of a tweet that would affect DT.  What if Candidate-DT tweeted and nobody responded?  WouldPresident- DT exist?

Any bit of real news that you're still hoping is fake?

Sure wish Betsy DeVos were not Secretary of Education

Beyoncé or Michelle 2020?


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