"Always pee whenever you have the chance," rules badass mom and cherry picker, Johanna Pinzler, lives by.

What is the most memorable moment from your 18th year?

I wrote my father an epic (handwritten) letter (remember those) from college in Madison Wisconsin pleading my case that I could be a theatre major (as opposed to history or poly sci like I had previously promised).... he came out a few weeks later and we had what felt like a very dramatic sit down during which he completely shocked me by saying “you might as well major in theatre, it’s about as useful a degree as history or any other liberal arts degree.  None of them will help you get a job.”  I took this as a huge win.  

Also I voted for the first time for Bill Clinton. Felt like it meant something. It was completely exhilarating.


When did you feel like you became an adult?

I’m not sure I am an adult yet but.... about a week after my daughter was born I was home alone with her for the first time.  It was only a couple of hours but I was overwhelmed by the hugeness of my responsibility and the ferocity with which I loved her. There might have been some joyful and slightly hysterical weeping.


What is most important rule you follow?

Always pee whenever you have the chance.


What is the worst rule you’ve broken?

Worst? I don’t know.  I bend rules all the time. Once on an acting gig in Vermont I illegally smuggled my dog into the hotel where we were being housed. I had him there for over a week before I was called out for it. But then, with lots of glaring and sniffing at me, they let him stay for the duration. Another win for me I think.


What rule would you love to break, but haven’t?

If I could get on the floor of the Senate I can think of some procedural rules I’d like to break. I also like to eat dessert first but I break that rule all the time.


Who’s the biggest rule-breaker you know?

He is currently running our country and keeps me constantly filled with fury and dread.


What rule do you wish more people would follow?

Honestly, the golden rule. Treat other people how you yourself would like to be treated.  For reals.