Emily Epstein is over people who complain about the world without making moves to change it!

What is the most memorable moment from your 18th year?

I saw Lady Gaga at the end of my Freshman year of NYU at Terminal 5. It was when she was just becoming popular and my friends and I were all obsessed with her and the album. I went to American Apparel and bought one of the weirdest craziest outfits I have ever put together: Let’s just say a LOT of Neon used. I also had my first panic attack that night because I was lifted off the ground by all the dancing bodies around me and have not done well in crowds ever since.

When did you feel like you became an adult?

In all honesty, I truly felt like an adult when I left a fine dining service gig a year and a half ago. I made the choice to change my circumstances cause I wasn’t happy with them and wanted to reprioritize other parts of my life. All sounds pretty adult, no?

What is most important rule you follow?

If you’re 15 minutes early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late...you’re fired.

What is the worst rule you’ve broken?

Oof, I generally always live by the golden rule, but I’ve also definitely broken it once or twice in the desire to feel “cool.” Luckily I gave up any hope of ever being cool long ago, so hopefully we’re all in the clear.

What rule would you love to break, but haven’t?

I want to cut to the front of a really long line.

Who’s the biggest rule-breaker you know

I would say the one and only Clare Mottola, breaks rules in all the right way and reminds me that life sometimes demands us to do so.

What rule do you wish more people would follow?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” People shouldn’t be allowed to complain about the world if they aren’t willing to do something to change it.

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