"Don't spit on your fellow humans" -Erin Mallon and Buddha (probably)

What is the most memorable moment from your 18th year?

Driving to college orientation and seeing the NYC skyline from my favorite bridge - the Verrazano (Fun fact: did you know that the Verrazano is so long it actually curves with the Earth’s surface?). I had that giddy feeling of “Holy crap I’m going to LIVE there!”

When did you feel like you became an adult?

I have two small children and I still have moments where I can’t believe I’m the one in charge. Isn’t some grown-up supposed to swoop in and do the laundry, make them dinner, change their diapers, give them baths etc.? When I realize, “Nope! It’s meeeee” that gives me a near-daily jolt of adulting.

What is the most important rule you follow?

There’s a quote I try to follow which is probably wrongly attributed to Buddha (seriously, how does the internet know all these things that Buddha said a bajillion years ago?) It goes something like “Before you propose to speak, ask yourself ‘Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? Does it improve upon the silence?’”

What is the worst rule you’ve broken?

Thou shalt not lie. As a kid, I used to lie to the priest about my sins during confession to make them sound more interesting. 

What rule would you love to break, but haven’t?

Yikes, I can’t think of a rule I want to break! That’s embarrassing. I almost said I’d like to not pay taxes, but that would make me a jerk, so...  In truth, I think a large part of why I’m a playwright is because it gives me permission to say things I think I’m not allowed to say. It’s such naughty fun to put words in actors’ mouths. So hopefully I'm breaking rules on the regular in my writing? hopefully?

Who’s the biggest rule-breaker you know? 

My 11-month-old daughter. She gives zero F’s about rules and I love it. 

What rule do you wish more people would follow?

Don’t spit in public. Is that a rule? It should be. Once upon a time on a hot summer NYC day, a man working construction in Times Square didn’t realize people were walking by (I guess) and lobbed a hefty wad of spit over his shoulder without looking. It. Landed. On. My. Thigh. He was horrified. Not as horrified as I was, believe me. Don’t spit on your fellow humans, friends.

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