"Sleep late, then spend the day with a good book:" How Vince Gatton unplugs.

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Who or what that you follow on social media is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I don’t feel guilty about any of my social media pleasures, but my purest twitter joys come from playwright and columnist R. Eric Thomas (@oureric) and NPR writer and crabby bon vivant Glen Weldon (@ghweldon).

Favorite news story of the year?

In a year where every news day is filled with flaming garbage, this one story shone like a candle in the darkness: 

“National Spelling Bee, at a Loss for Words, Crowns 8 Co-Champions”


Internet : pro or con?

The internet, like people in general, is a very mixed bag. I can be pro or con on any given day, but I almost never get through a day without it. 

Describe your perfect tech free Sunday?

Sleep late, then spend the day with a good book, a knitting project, and a massage therapist.

Flossing, Dabbing, Shiggy, or Shoot?

In both oral hygiene and in dance, I am pro-floss

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