How does Brendan Solovey escape from his sometimes overbearing urban lifestyle?

Who or what that you follow on social media is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I am known for following a multitude of yachting accounts on Instagram. I’d say knowing the newest trends and styles of yachts around the world would be my guilty pleasure. I consider it my escape from the sometimes overbearing urban lifestyle!

Favorite news story of the year?

I recently heard that Versova Beach in Mumbai, India underwent a massive cleanup that took 96 weeks and thousands of volunteers to achieve. Now, for the first time in years, baby sea turtles are beginning to hatch on that specific beach again!

Internet : pro or con?

Con. Although it does give me the opportunity to educate myself on a mass amount of topics, I believe it distracts me from living in the moment sometimes.

Describe your perfect tech free Sunday?

A thrilling Dystopian novel, the beach, and those late afternoon naps where your skin feels warm and sun kissed from the day well spent.

Flossing, Dabbing, Shiggy, or Shoot?

Why not all of the above?

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