Kevin Jones loves you for reading this. Yes, you.

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Who or what that you follow on social media is your favorite guilty pleasure?

@Alaska5000 @thatonequeen @trixiemattel 

And many more Ru girls.

And @rupaul of course.

Favorite news story of the year?

There was a news story that wasn’t horrifying? When did this happen? No one tells me anything. 

Internet : pro or con?

Pro: You’re reading this, and you know I love you. You know I mean you. Yes, you.

Con: I can’t believe everything I read. 

Describe your perfect tech free Sunday?

A friendly group of cats and coffee. But not for the cats. 

Flossing, Dabbing, Shiggy, or Shoot?

Flossing. I do not see the point of fixing what isn’t broken. Unless it is your fingers that are broken. Then use the device of your choice.

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