Let Noah T. Parnes tell you a thing or two about the Twittersphere.

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Who or what that you follow on social media is your favorite guilty pleasure?

This isn't truly a guilty pleasure because it's actually very fun and worthwhile, but I've recently become incredibly enveloped within the Twittersphere of RuPaul's Drag Race and follow quite a number of drag queens. It's a constant lesson in reading and shade with an abundance of incredible photos and comedy. But my real guilty-pleasure-follow is Ariana Grande (very guilty).

Favorite news story of the year?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins Argument #7,983 and counting.

Internet : pro or con?

Overall, huge pro:

Swift and efficient means of finding information? Sign me up (see Question 5)

Twitter? Amazing if you know where to look (my Twitter is @noahtparnes, I never pass up an opportunity for shameless self-promotion).

Being able to communicate with people from miles and miles away? Huge (especially right now, because I'm in Cuba and can write this blog post). 

This does not discount the numerous cons to the Internet, but I think these pros hold a lot of importance ;)

Describe your perfect tech free Sunday?

Swimming in the ocean. Avoiding getting sunburnt. Licking lightbulbs? (photo credit: Oliver Shoulson)

Flossing, Dabbing, Shiggy, or Shoot?

I must admit that even though I am 20 years old and therefore should probably know what these words mean, I only know two of these words. So I cannot accurately make an informed decision—my apologies!! ...Although... I could absolutely use the "swift and efficient means of finding information" I described in Question 3, but I think I'm going to remain blissfully ignorant.

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