Is Chris Duffy still living in 2013?

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Who or what that you follow on social media is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I don't feel guilty in any way about it, but I love following the TSA and seeing what they confiscate. Way more swords than I would have expected.

Favorite news story of the year?

Oh no. This wasn't a *great* year for news stories. Let's go back to 2013 and the greatest news headline of all time "Goat Trapped on Roof Only Respects One Man"

Internet : pro or con?

It's a mixed bag, baby. Some days you're selling your old beanie babies for a profit and other days you're tearing apart the social fabric of democracy.

Describe your perfect tech free Sunday?

I wake up in a beachfront cabana. I walk down to the shore. It's sunny but not too hot. I take a sip of a fresh fruit smoothie and open the newspaper. All diseases have been cured and war is over forever. "What a great day," I think. Then I head to the hotel's all-you-can-eat buffet. There's no line. "I didn't think this day could get any better," I say out loud to no one.

Flossing, Dabbing, Shiggy, or Shoot?

Yes, please.

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