Laura Winters remembers when DT supported Planned Parenthood...too bad he doesn't.

Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away...

How hung over were you on November 9th?

I was 100% sober, and I will never forget descending the subway stairs at the 72nd street 1 to hear someone with a violin playing "Yesterday."

Pussy bow or bare arms?

Bare arms.

If DT wrote a play for CP, what would it be called?

They Said This Play Could Only Be Ten Minutes...unfair. Sad! 

Fight back in 140 characters or less...If you knew DT would see your tweet.

Remember when, in a Republican presidential debate, you defended Planned Parenthood?

Any bit of real news that you're still hoping is fake?

International "gag order." 

Beyoncé or Michelle 2020?

Michelle today. Michelle tomorrow. Michelle forever. 


Come see Laura Winters's play, Deviated Septum, August 28th at Wild Project! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll discover a new passion for Ru Paul's drag race. It will be AH- MAZING. 

"Here comes the sun."

"Here comes the sun."

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