Vince Gatton is still waiting for X-men to come and correct the timeline.

How hung over were you on November 9th?

I was comatose on November 9th.

Pussy bow or bare arms?

Gimme those guns, baby.

If DT wrote a play for CP, what would it be called?

The Most Beautiful Play Ever, Believe Me.

Fight back in 140 characters or less...If you knew DT would see your tweet.

Never stay in a job you don't want. 

Any bit of real news that you're still hoping is fake?

I'm still waiting for whichever future X-Man to get back here and correct the timeline. 

Beyoncé or Michelle 2020?

Queen Bey has a Kingdom over which to rule; we need a president. I'm Team Michelle.

Vince is an OG Cherry Picking committee member, writer and actor. So, you definitely don't want to miss his stellar performances in "Hive Mind," OR his play, Better, this August 28th and 19th at Wild Project!

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