Cry us a river that leads to Ryan Drake's ocean.

How hung over were you on November 9th?

I didn't drink, but I did cry a lot November 8th and then continued to cry on November 9th while listening to "Emotions" by Destiny's Child on repeat. These are very similar behaviors to when I'm actually hungover, so essentially yes, very.

Pussy bow or bare arms?

*Struts into capitol hill in a pussy bow tank top.

If DT wrote a play for CP, what would it be called?

"My Hands are Small I know: an abbreviated Jewel jukebox musical" GET IT?!

Fight back in 140 characters or less...If you knew DT would see your tweet.


Any bit of real news that you're still hoping is fake?

Blake Lively recently told Vanity Fair that she DOESN'T have the perfect celebrity relationship with Ryan Reynolds. I'm shook.

Beyoncé or Michelle 2020?

I want Michelle and I want her to have a gentle fan blowing her hair back during every speech.


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