Nina Mehta will be bearing her arms, thank you very much.

How hung over were you on November 9th?

I worked all night on the 8th and in a newsroom. I finally left at 11 and didn't know what to do with myself so I met my friend at the gay bar in our neighborhood because that was the only thing that made sense. I stayed up until 3am for the victory speech and then fell asleep I think, but after a lot of angry social media posting. On the 9th, I wondered if it was a dream and felt like a truck hit me. I went to work, took the train which was surreal. I cried for a few days after and then got angry. Anger, in this case proved to be productive because it reminded me why I am an artist, why I am an activist, and it made all the work I do, and hope to do more important. In a weird way I felt 18 again. I know we've all had our own experience and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still trying to gain perspective but more than anything, I think and I hope we all find the positive, and take ownership of our lives, hold our government accountable, and be more empathetic.


Pussy bow or bare arms?

Bare arms. I have always wanted Sydney Bristow's arms from "ALIAS." I work hard on my arms so I'm baring them, thank you very much.


If DT wrote a play for CP, what would it be called?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Russia


Fight back in 140 characters or less...If you knew DT would see your tweet.

I wrote this a year ago, and I stand by it.


Any bit of real news that you're still hoping is fake?

Prince passing in 2016. Tell me it was all a dream.


Beyoncé or Michelle 2020?

Michelle. Michelle. Michelle.


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